Agricultural Programs and Resources


View of the Sandias from the Los Ranchos Agri-Nature Center

View of the Sandias from the Los Ranchos Agri-Nature Center

The Village of Los Ranchos has a deep-rooted and vibrant agricultural heritage.  One of the more interesting historical influences still seen in lot configurations today is the linea or tripa pattern. Lineas or tripas are long, narrow lots which are typical of an older pattern of agricultural land use in the North Valley. Many families in the area, particularly early hispanic settlers, passed on land to each of their descendants in equal parts. Agricultural land in the area was worthless without access to irrigation and a roadway, so land was divided such that each lot maintained access to both. As the number of land divisions increased, the width of the lots decreased, hence the large number of long narrow lots found in this area. This pattern is probably most noticeable along the historic Guadalupe Trail but can be seen even along our commercial district on 4th Street. Many extended Hispanic families have occupied these areas for generations and continue to have strong ties to the land. A large amount of irrigation and animal raising continues in these areas, although it is difficult for the casual visitor to see because of the configuration of the lots. Our Summer and Spring Farm Camps, Growers' Market, and the recent addition of an Agricultural Programs Manager are part of the on-going effort to preserve the agricultural heritage of the Village.  The Village of Los Ranchos has also acquired several pieces of land that will remain as open space.  Agricultural resources will be provided on this page for landowners, farmers, and other consumers of farm products.




For Landowners


Partnerships Between Landowners and Agricultural Professionals

The Village is encouraging collaborations between landowners and farmers (or other types of agricultural contractors). If you have land and would like to establish a relationship with the appropriate agricultural professional, please contact Fergus Whitney, the Village's Agriculture Programs Manager, at (505) 344-6582 or

We have begun compiling a list of Agriculture Contractors.  Please click here for the list.  If you are an agricultural professional and would like to be added to our list, please contact the Agricultural Programs Manger, Fergus Whitney.  As we reach out to the community and develop more relationships with landowners and agricultural professionals, the contact list will be updated.

Before you create a contract for your land, take a look at the links below for sample agreements.  These resources are in no way provided as legal advice and are provided for informational purposes only.

Tax Exemptions

Land in Los Ranchos used for agricultural purposes may be eligible for a tax exemption. Please click here for the Bernalillo County Assessor's Office Application for Agricultural Use of Land form.  Paper applications are available at Village Hall. 


For Agricultural Professionals


Local Farmers and Agricultural Professionals Needed

Farmers are a valuable and necessary part of the Village.  In our continuous effort to encourage agricultural activity, we are partnering landowners with qualified farmers.  If you are in need of land to farm, please contact Fergus Whitney at (505) 344-6582 or to be added to our list of Agricultural Contractors.  Our goal is to match skills with available resources. 

Land Available for Agricultural use in the Village (As of August 9, 2017)

1 acre available on Rio Grande

1 acre available on Rio Grande

0.75 acres available west of Chamisal

3.4 acres available between 4th and Guadaloupe Trail

1 acre on Rio Grande

9 acres available on Rio Grande

For more information on these properties contact Fergus at (505) 515-4030 or  Each property listed here is privately owned (unless otherwise noted). Land use agreements are between the property owner and contractor. The Village of Los Ranchos provides a list of available property soley as a courtesy to residents and contractors. 


Many local restaurants and businesses are seeking the field-to-table or farm-to-table experience.  Restauranteurs want to develop relationships with suppliers and potential suppliers; creating a varied network of growers and products.  We encourage farmers to contact local businesses to sell overstock produce or specialty produce. 

Los Ranchos Growers' & Art Market

The Los Ranchos Growers' Market is celebrating its 25th year.  We encourage full-time farmers to backyard growers to bring their produce to the Market. If you are a grower, please contact Colene Montoya at 


Education & Community Partners


For Those Interested in Learning to Farm

The Gutierrez-Hubbell House, located at 6029 Isleta Blvd. SW, Albuquerque, NM 87105, is offering a volunteer exchange program.  The Cultivating Bernalillo County Grow the Growers program is a hands-on way to gain agricultural skills and knowledge.  For every four hours of work, volunteers receive a share of produce.  For contact information and program details, click here.

Rio Grande Community Farm

The Rio Grande Community Farm is a quality resource for farmers. Drop-in courses and full enrollment farmer training are available through Las Huertas Farmer Training via the Rio Grande Community Farm.  10-class punch cards and scholarships are available.  Workshops, mentorships, and an opportunity to grow your own food are available through the Community Garden.  Please visit for more information and resources.

Still in of need of a specific class or training? - Inquire Here

The Bernalillo County Cooperative Extension Service provides resources valuable to the farming/growing community via a collaboration with New Mexico State University.  The Cooporative Extension Service has graciously offered to facilitate classes if enough interest is generated.  Please contact Fergus Whitney at (505) 344-6582 or if you would have a class idea or are in need of specific training.  

Local Schools Need Little Farmers

Schools and teachers in need of agricultural programs should contact Fergus Whitney at (505) 344-6582 or  Local farmers and growers may be available for demonstrations or guidance in building a garden on campus.  Ignite a sense of accomplishment and health with sustainable eating and farming skills.  

Farmers and growers who are interested in providing demonstrations or garden consultations with schools should contact Fergus Whitney at (505) 344-6582 or to set up a time to meet.  All participants will need to adhere to the the school's policy for safety and background checks as required. 

Los Ranchos Farm Camp (ages 5-11)

Each year during Spring Break and the month of June, campers age 5-11 gather at the Los Ranchos Agri-Nature center for weekly farms camps.  Campers hike, garden, learn about bugs, craft with recycled materials, and prepare healthy snacks and meals. Click here for the Farm Camp page or contact the Farm Camp Director, Julie Hirshfield, at




The Village of Los Ranchos is a treasure trove of agricultural entertainment. Various lodging facilities offer meals created with locally grown ingredients.  Visit wineries specializing in tours, tastings, yoga and Pilates, art, music, and provide space for weddings and other private events.  Rejuvenate at local B&B's and dine at restaurants featuring locally grown produce. During your stay, dive deep into all things antique as various antique shops have deep roots in the Village's agricultural history. Please contact the organization directly for more information or reservations. 



Agricultural Photo Exposition - Open Daily December 16-19 from noon to 7:00pm

Free, family friendly, and open to the public.  Join the Village of Los Ranchos for a photo presentation of the rich agricultural history of the Village.  Located at the Los Ranchos Agri-Nature Center, 4920 Rio Grande Blvd. NW, Los Ranchos, NM 87107.  For additional information, please contact Village Hall at (505) 344-6582. Large groups are welcome, no reservation needed.

Saturday's at the Los Ranchos Growers' and Art Market

Visit the tennis court parking lot next to Village Hall each Saturday for a selection of fresh produce, baked goods, and handcrafted items from artists and artisans. If you are a grower, please contact Colene Montoya at  If you are am artist or artisan, please contact Pam Armbrecht at or visit The regular season market runs from May to November each Saturday from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm.  Winter markets are the 2nd Saturday of the month from December to April. 

Lavender & Garlic Celebration at the Growers' Market

Early July brings lavender and garlic.  Join the Growers' Market for this special celebration.  2018 dates to be announced early next year. 

Lavender in the Village

Celebrate lavender at this annual event.  Each July Lavender in the Village brings in vendors showcasing lavender and lavender products.  The 2018 dates and details will be published as soon as they become available. Visit to stay updated.