Local Businesses Compete in Green Chile Cheeseburger Challenge

Sadies Green Chile Cheeseburger WINNER.jpeg

Congratulations to our very own Sadie’s of New Mexico. They were the winner of the 2013 New Mexico State Fair Green Chile Cheeseburger Challenge. Los Ranchos was actually lucky enough to have two of our restaurants competing for the best green chile cheeseburger at the State Fair. As Mayor, it is hard to take sides with your own local businesses pitted against each other; however, deep down there was a part of me that was rooting for the newcomer, Papa Burgers. I say newcomer because of the rich history of Sadie’s. Silver and Adriana, owners of Papa Burgers, represent the ultimate in entrepreneurial spirit. They specialize in traditional hamburgers that are very hard to beat.

However, I do have to admit that the hamburger that has been on Sadie’s menu for more than 50 years distinguished itself among all hamburgers in New Mexico during the State Fair competition.

After the announcement from the State Fair that Sadie’s was crowned the best green chile cheeseburger in New Mexico, I had to personally congratulate the Stafford family and Jim Garcia and reacquaint myself with the world- famous hamburger. Although, the picture I took really does not do the hamburger justice, each one is a masterpiece that is hard to get your hands or your mouth around. Our table ordered four of these beasts and when they were delivered, not only were our eyes popping out of our heads, but also so were the eyes of all the people sitting around us.

The hamburger is nicknamed the "Beast" and for a good reason. It lived up to its reputation of being crowned the best green chile cheeseburger at the State Fair competition.

For our newer residents, Sadie’s, in the early fifties, was located at the corner of Second Street and Osuna Road and seated only nine people. In the seventies, they moved next door to the Lark Bar on Second Street. In 1975, Sadie retired and left her younger sister, Betty Jo and husband Bob Stafford, to carry on Sadie’s passion for excellence. Needing more space, they moved the restaurant to Valley

Bowl, where their two son’s Billy and Brian worked as kids. I can remember how the 120-seat capacity restaurant would overflow nightly, but you would always wait to have their unforgettable red chile.

In 1990, they moved north of the bowling alley to their present location. In the last couple of years, they have expanded to Hotel Circle at Eubank and Lomas, in the Santa Ana Casino and, most recently, their newest location Sadie’s on Academy. We are very lucky to have the Stafford’s and Sadie’s call Los Ranchos their home. I encourage everyone to go by and congratulate the Sadie’s crew and try the “Beast” for yourself.

While you are at it, also give Papa Burgers a try. I promise you will not be disappointed by either of these fine examples of a New Mexico Green Chile Cheeseburger.

Congratulations are also in order for Al Unser and his brother Bobby for being inducted to the United States Auto Club Hall of Fame Class of 2013. Al and Bobby have a total of seven Indianapolis 500 victories between them; and the Unser family, as a whole, has won the Indy 500 a total of nine times. This is an amazing tribute to a family and an accomplishment that may never be duplicated. The Andretti family has a total of 68 starts and only one victory. If you have not visited the Unser Racing Museum in Los Ranchos, it is one of the premier sports car racing museums in the world. Even if you are not a race fan, you will be impressed with the memorabilia and professional presentation. There are few families that have put New Mexico on the map more than the Unsers.

As we continue to develop plans for improvements to the streetscape on 4th Street for our businesses as well as our residents, I encourage all of our residents to patronize our business community. To be successful in this business climate, it will take the synergy of all of our businesses working together to help promote Los Ranchos as a shopping and eating destination. 

- Larry P. Abraham, Mayor


Posted on October 2, 2013 .