Fourth Street Improvement Funding

Fourth Street Improvement Funding:  I am extremely happy to report Los Ranchos will be receiving $681,000.00 of capital outlay money from the state of New Mexico. This money will be used specifically for design and construction of our Fourth Street Improvement Project.

I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Los Ranchos to thank Senator Ryan, Senator O’Neil, Representative Sandoval, and Representative Kane. I also would like to thank Governor Martinez for approving the capital outlay bill. In the coming months you will be hearing more details about proposed improvements to Fourth Street.

Grower’s Market:  Our Grower’s Market has begun its summer selling season. This is a great opportunity to enjoy your Los Ranchos community and meet your neighbors, walk your pet while purchasing fresh fruit and vegetables fresh off the vine.

Discharging into Ditch is Illegal:  Recently we had a situation whereby a new resident was cited by MCGCD for illegally discharging chemically treated water from their ornamental pond into an irrigation ditch. Needless to say these waterways and water shed are protected by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. MRGCD, in turn, filed a police report and the Village issued a notice of EPA Violation to the homeowner.

High Fire Danger:  Once again we are facing some very dry conditions. Burning cotton is extremely dangerous as is any open flame. We can expect fire restrictions through the summer if the drought conditions continue.

Air Conditioners and Evaporative Coolers:  Not only is the cotton from the Cottonwood and Willow trees extremely flammable, cotton can be your cooling equipment’s worst enemy. If you see cotton flying in the air, chances are your cooling equipment is drawing the cotton fibers into its intake. Whether you have an evaporative cooler or refrigerated cooling, you need to make sure your filters and/or intake screens are not clogged. To maximize the cooling in your homes, you should check your filters every couple of weeks. 

Neighborhood Watch and Police Reports:  We are fortunate that Los Ranchos is one of the safest communities in New Mexico. This is in part to a very strong community in which neighbors are watching out for one another. I would like to encourage everyone to keep a close eye out for suspicious activity, be vigilant, write down license plate numbers or vehicle descriptions suspicious of suspicious vehicles but most importantly report to Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office any and all incidences. It is extremely important if you are a victim of any crime, no matter how small, you must call 798-7000 and file a report. In my tenure as Mayor, I can’t tell you how many times I have been to a neighborhood association meeting and invariably will hear about an incident and yet no one had notified BCSO.

Los Ranchos Rope n’ Roadrunners:  We want to congratulate the Los Ranchos Elementary School jump rope team for their tremendous success at two regional tournaments. You can read all about their accomplishments in this month’s issue. Also we want to wish them good luck at USA National Championship in Long Beach California on June 19, and at the US Junior Olympics in Detroit MI, July 25th.

Los Poblanos:  Los Poblanos Inn and Cultural Center has recently been named #6 Best Food Lovers Hotel in America by Bon Appétit Magazine and received mention in a USA Today titled Time to revisit underappreciated Albuquerque.

Lavender In the Village Coming Soon:  The Lavender in the Village Festival is just around the corner. Thank you to all the dedicated volunteers and to the Board of the Lavender Committee for all their hard work. Come out and support the event and join the fun by volunteering on the committee. For more information, see the Lavender Festival page in this months issue or go to their website at

- Larry P. Abraham, Mayor

Posted on June 6, 2013 .