Los Ranchos Chamber of Commerce

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Commerce in the Village of Los Ranchos consists both of businesses concentrated along Fourth Street and home occupations scattered throughout the Village.  A unique theme of antiques, landscape nurseries, wineries, bed and breakfast inns, western and equestrian outfitting, and New Mexican restaurants predominates.

The commercial area is the Village's primary source of revenue for local government programs and services.  About 80% of the general budget is from total gross receipts tax (GRT). Total GRTs collected (after a significant jump between FY 1994 of $50 million to $65.4 million in 1995) have increased only 1.2% in the last five years ending at $66.2 million in FY 1999. While there may be many reasons for the much smaller increase in revenues in recent years, a continued decline threatens the viability of our community.

The 02-200 Campaign is an educational initiative to keep desperately needed taxes from going unintentionally to Albuquerque. If you own a business in Los Ranchos or plan to start a new one, please take a minute to check out this information.  

Commercial land use comprises about 123 acres of land (out of a total of 2,500 acres). There are 142 acres in the Village zoned for commercial use, providing the potential land for new business. In addition, approximately 150 home occupations also exist within areas other than Fourth Street. The 1998 Revitalization Study showed potential on the south end of Fourth Street for a supermarket of 50,000 SF and an additional 30,000 to 50,000 SF of smaller retail and service businesses.

The 1990 Census reported that 44 percent of residents were employed in professional and miscellaneous services followed by 22 percent in wholesale and retail trade. Primary income from agriculture comprised only two percent. In 1989, the median household income was $37,200. In 1998, it was $53,000. About 11% of residents' income fall below the poverty line.

Membership in a Chamber of Commerce can significantly boost business image among consumers, as well as other businesses.

In a scientific survey of 2,000 U.S. adults, The Schapiro Group, an Atlanta-based strategic consulting firm, found positive perceptions of chamber members in a number of areas, including overall favorability, consumer awareness and reputation, and likelihood of future patronage.

The study showed that when respondents were told that a particular business was a member of a chamber, they were 44 percent more likely to rate it favorably than study respondents who were not told of the chamber affiliation. Respondents were also 63 percent more likely to want to purchase goods or services from a small business that is a chamber member.  

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Los Ranchos Chamber of Commerce, please email us at info@losranchoschamber.com