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Bob Perls, Village Administrator

The Village Administrator is appointed by the Mayor and oversees all day-to-day aspects of the Village of Los Ranchos including the Public Safety Department, the Planning and Zoning Department, Accounting Department, Code Enforcement Division, Animal Control Department, and Parks and Streets. The Administrator is responsible for the enforcement, supervision and administrative control of the Village, manages day-to-day operations of the Village's Executive Branch, legislative bills, special Village requests, personnel matters, and contracts. Email Bob at

Los Ranchos Mayor Don Lopez Announces New

 Village Administrator Bob Perls

Former U.S. Diplomat and former State Representative Perls joins city government 


LOS RANCHOS, N.M. – The Village Trustees of Los Ranchos de Albuquerque approved Mayor Donald T. Lopez’s recommendation to hire Bob Perls at the Village Trustee meeting on February 13, 2019.  Perls was vetted during a closed personnel session and then approved in the public meeting in front of approximately 30 people in the audience.

“I am so glad Bob applied for the job.   He is highly qualified and the village is lucky to have him.  He brings twenty years of private sector managment and financial experience with him plus a decade of experience at the local, state and federal levels of government, the Mayor said.

 Perls was most recently SVP of Sales and Marketing for a medical IT company and before that was a U.S. Diplomat for the Department of State.  He served in Washington, D.C.; Frankfurt, Germany; Banjul, The Gambia; Ottawa, Canada; and, Islamabad, Pakistan.  He served in management, consular and trade capacities as a Foreign Service Officer for five and a half years.

 Perls founded a medical technology company in Albuquerque in 1984 and was the President for 25 years.  During that time he was elected to two terms to the New Mexico House of Representatives representing southern Sandoval County.  He also co-founded an Albuquerque charter school called Public Academy for Performing Arts.  Four years ago he founded a non-profit based in Corrales called New Mexico Open Primaries which is dedicated to increasing voter engagement.


Danielle Sedillo-Molina, Village Clerk

The Clerk is responsible for attending and recording the proceedings of all Village governmental meetings; retention and safekeeping of all permanent Village records; coordinating all aspects of Village elections including voter registration, and certifying the results. The Clerk also develops the agendas for the Board of Trustee meetings, provides copies to the public, and handles Human Resources matters (including benefits/insurance and risk management/safety issues).  

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Jeff Phillips, Volunteer Emergency Manager

Responsibilities include coordinating all emergency management within the Village including disasters such as floods, fires, droughts, etc. He also manages the Village's Citizen Corps, which is a group that harnesses the power of every individual through education, training, and volunteer service to make the Village safer, stronger, and better prepared to respond to any threats of terrorism, crime, public health issues, and disasters of all kinds. Email Jeff at

Tammy Silva, Accountant

Responsibilities include auditing, analyzing and verifying fiscal records and reports, preparing financial and statistical reports, providing information to Village staff regarding accounting practices and procedures, and reconciling general ledger accounts. She also prepares the Village's annual and mid-year budgets, prepares year-end audit reports and schedules.  Email Tammy at

Tim McDonough, Planning and Zoning Director

Handles all Planning and Zoning issues, acts as the building official for all construction in the Village, oversees the Code Enforcement Department, serves as the storm water manager for EPA NPDES MS4 Permit, Certified Flood Plain Manager for FEMA, processes all zoning applications for the department, and works with the Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Trustees. Email Tim at

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Marcy Bissell, Planning and Zoning Assistant

Responsibilities include assisting Planning Director, processing business registrations, registering and issuing CRS tax numbers, processing parcel permits, tracking gross receipt reports and other databases, answering questions on property zones, and directs property owners to the correct person or agency.  Email Marcy at  

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Keen Heinzelman, Code Enforcement Officer

Responsibilities include all aspects of Village code enforcement and investigates building standards and land usage to ensure that municipal ordinances for such works are followed.  He also determines the nature of environmental or health hazards, nuisance violations and unsafe building conditions. In addition, he assists with the maintenance of Village property, parks, and streets.  Email Keen at


Dominic Tomba, Animal Control Officer

Responsibilities include all aspects of animal control in the Village.  He enforces Village ordinances concerning the care and treatment of animals. He patrols public areas, looking for potential signs of distressed animals, and works directly with Village residents concerning animal control issues. Additionally, he assists with maintenance of Village property, parks, and streets.  Email Dominic at

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Steve Casias, Parks and Streets

Responsibilities include upkeep of Village property, parks, and streets. He assists in the construction, installation, repair, and maintenance of buildings and other public works facilities in order to maintain the general appearance of the Village. He also helps with park services, trees, concrete work, dirt work, sanitation, streetscape, and signage.





Derrick Aldridge, Parks and Streets

Responsibilities include upkeep of Village property, parks, and streets. Assists in the maintenance of buildings and other public works facilities in order to maintain the general appearance of the Village.  This position works with park services, trees, and streetscape.


Parks and Streets

Responsibilities include upkeep of Village property, parks, and streets. Assists in the maintenance of buildings and other public works facilities in order to maintain the general appearance of the Village.  This position works with park services, trees, and streetscape.


Fred Radosevich, Public Safety Liaison

The Public Safety Liaison works in conjunction with the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office, the Bernalillo County Fire Department, and Village staff to address safety related issues in the Village. Contact Fred at


Cynthia Jaramillo, Executive Assistant to the Mayor and Administrator, Publications Coordinator 

Under the general direction of the Mayor and Village Administrator, she performs technical and multifaceted
duties pertaining to the operation of the Village.  She also maintains the Village website, coordinates the Village magazine including
managing all advertising for the publication. Responds to various inquiries.  She processes Barn Rental requests and other facility requests.   Contact Cynthia at (505) 344-6582 or by email at  

Maria Rinaldi, Project Manager

Maria Rinaldi brings twenty-seven years of municipal development experience as a contract employee to the Village.  As Project Manager, she will work on the Fourth Street Improvement Project, the Village Center Project, and the Agri-Nature Center improvements. Contact Maria at (505) 379-8982 or by email at


Fergus Whitney, Agricultural Programs Manger

Fergus has a background of organic farming and agriculture.  His primary function as the Agricultural Programs Manager is to pair local landowners with farmers, provide resources for local farmers and growers, create a haven of agricultural activity, as well as facilitate and uphold the agricultural heritage of Los Ranchos.  Email Fergus at