Blake's Lotaburger

Because if you are what you eat

You are awesome!

There’s a lot to love about Blake’s Lotaburger … and people have been loving our LOTA Burgers, and more, since 1952. In fact, ask anyone who has ever tried a LOTA Burger what makes it so special … and you’re sure to get a LOTA excited descriptions of our juicy, seared to perfection burgers, our expertly seasoned fries, our always-hitting-the-spot shakes and, of course, our world-famous, drive-for-miles just-to-get, Green Chile Cheeseburgers featuring our special Hatch Green Chile, packaged just for us … and just for you.

Visit two of our locations in the Village!

North end: 8440 Fourth Street NW
Call: 505-897-0762

South end: 6210 Fourth Street NW
Call: 505-345-0402

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Posted on February 8, 2019 and filed under dine, fourth street.