Heroes Walk Among Us

Empowering America’s Veterans for Continued Success

We are a 501(C)3 non-profit providing grass-roots support for all of our veterans by assisting them in achieving their after-military life goals as well as providing safe havens for veterans while build camaraderie among the local community, our Veterans and their families.

100% of donations go directly to helping veterans in New Mexico.

We are here to give a hand up and not a hand out
Our goal is to help veterans who are honestly looking for help to improve their lives, not just get a handout and maintain the status quo in a terrible situation. HWAU extends services to veterans and their immediate family; the veteran, their spouse and children. Our goal is helping our New Mexico Veterans overcome the obstacles that are keeping them from moving forward. Some of those obstacles are homelessness, job loss, debt management, and health issues.

Our Programs
Our beliefs follow Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in that when our veterans are safe, secure, and have a means to be gainfully employed, they will be successful. Our primary mission is to keep veterans off the street and help them succeed in life after the military. The four areas that we focus on are:
Veteran housing
Education and training
Job placement
Wheels 4 Vets

Our Current Projects include:
- Heroes Card
- Pets 4 Vets
- Homes 4 Vets
- Packs 4 Vets
- UFC Night
- Movie Night
- Wheels 4 Vets

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