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Angel Wellness Boutique

Angel Wellness Boutique is a retail business catering to individuals undergoing cancer treatment

Our boutique sells items such as wigs, hats, turbans, breast forms, mastectomy bras, post-surgical garments skin care products, and products for women who are at risk to develop lymphedema after breast surgery.  Although we mostly target women, cancer affects patients of all ages and genders. Therefore, Angel Wellness Boutique can cater to anyone, young or old, male or female, who suffers from or has survived cancer.

The boutique is a one stop shop taking care of needs of women affected by cancer by offering all the products needed, post surgery and while undergoing chemotherapy.  We provide a warm, supportive, caring environment designed to make people feel comfortable.

Our goal is to help women choose a wig, breast form, or a bra that is going to make them feel better about themselves — both physically and psychologically — and help give them control and dignity during a difficult time. That is where our heart lies.

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Aromatics and Herbal Apothecary, LLC

We specialize in therapeutic handcrafted products for acute and chronic pain in an all natural approach.

Aromatics and Herbal Apothecary seeks to connect the community with therapeutic herbal medicine carefully made into products through a natural approach.

We believe this will help reconnect one’s self to a healthier way of life for managing acute and chronic pain.

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Bliss Massage Studios

We are a collaboration of experienced professionals and each therapist is independent. We are finding bliss together as we help each other grow in the holistic wellness industry.

We believe in enhancing the wellness triangle of mind, body and spirit. Increasing your awareness of all three, allowing your body to achieve homeostasis. Our mission is to provide our clients with peace, relaxation and well being, through the healing power of massage.

We provide massage therapy services to aid you in relaxation and pain relief so that you can enjoy your life with a renewed sense of energy and confidence. Led by licensed massage therapists, we specialize in providing a wide variety of massage styles so that you can get exactly the service you need for your particular situation. We offer full body, sports, medical, prenatal, couples, and healing massage.

What sets us apart from other studios we are one of the first studio in our state to center our therapies around our Endocannabinoid system by implementing cannabinoid therapy. By incorporating phytocannabinoids into our therapy sessions, we can bring homeostasis to your body, mind, and spirit.

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Boutique Botanicals

CBD specialty boutique specializing in wellness

Boutique Botanicals was founded at the start of 2019 with the vision of supplying affordable, high-quality botanical supplements to those who seek them.

We offer a combination of botanical extracts and remedies. We have a collaboration of experienced nurses, cultivators, herbalists, farmers, and business advisors. Our goal is to bring seed to sale remedies that are locally grown and cultivated.

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Dar a Luz Birth & Health Center

A non-profit birthing center dedicated to providing compassionate and holistic gynecologic & prenatal care & a safe alternative to hospital birth.

Our staff is comprised of Certified Nurse Midwives, Registered Nurses, Certified Lactation Consultants, birth class teachers, insurance specialists, therapists and support staff.

Most women can have a baby here! Our Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) specialize in waterbirth, holistic and family centered care in this beautiful, spa-like birth center.

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Minerva Canna

Mother Nature called, your medicine is ready

We believe that nature provides your medicine, we are simply the outlets to satisfy your needs.

Your Minerva team is made up of experienced gardeners, patients and strong advocates for the program who have seen first hand the amazing medicinal benefits of cannabis. Being locally owned and operated, we live and work in the communities we serve, striving to bring our patients the best possible experience.

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New Scripts Pharmacy

We are an independent, locally owned closed-door pharmacy dedicated to providing the highest quality pharmaceutical care.

We provide the highest quality pharmacy care to the residents and patients we serve and specialize in hospice, assisted living, and skilled nursing facilities.

We understand the unique and challenging needs of long term care facilities and hospice providers throughout New Mexico. We strive to develop innovative products and flawless services that benefit both the resident/patient and the facility.

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Posted on January 20, 2017 and filed under fourth street, services.

Orange Yoga

Specializing in group yoga classes and personalized, private one-on-one yoga lessons as well as retreats in New Mexico and beyond.

Established in 2011, Orange Yoga is a private yoga studio.

Allisun has been a yoga practitioner for over 17 years and has 13+ years of yoga teaching experience, working with with various populations and levels of fitness. 

Allisun is an IBH Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and offers Hypnotherapy at Orange Yoga, as well as personalized Yoga and Hypnotherapy Wellness Packages.

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Posted on November 19, 2016 and filed under fourth street, relax.

Orbit Eyecare & Optical

See the world better.

We believe we all have a responsibility to make our world a better place in everything we do. It's how we raise our family, it's how we run our business, and it's how we go about our lives in the community.

Our promise is to do everything we can to help you see the world better. Our entire staff is committed to this concept in the services we provide to our patients and through our community outreach. Our optometry staff works together to ensure your visit is comfortable and completed in a timely manner.

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Posted on November 13, 2016 and filed under fourth street, services.

Reed Acupuncture

Balanced Medicine — Better Health Starts Here

We offer acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbal formulas.

Having evolved over thousands of years, acupuncture is one of the oldest continually practiced medical modalities in the world.

A treatment involves the insertion and manipulation of flexible, hair-thin needles at specific points along the body's meridian pathways, which are channels through which the body’s energy is thought to flow.

Acupuncture is a safe, effective, chemical-free way to promote the body's remarkable self-healing abilities. It is used to prevent and treat disease, relieve pain, balance mood, enhance athletic performance, increase fertility, and improve overall health and wellness.

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Posted on June 25, 2016 and filed under fourth street, relax.